Manifest Destiny ATS - U.S. History - Jacksonian Era



Bimester 4, Week 5....March 18 - March 20

  • •due Mon• No school.
  • •due Tues• No school.
  • •due Wed• No new homework.
  • •due Thur• No new homework.
  • •due Fri• No new homework.

Bimester 4, Week 6....March 23 - March 27

  • •due Mon• No new homework.
  • •due Tues• No school.
  • •due Wed• Washington Reports Due!! (view), along with packet and completed reflections. Printed copy at 2.30pm, by 10.30pm.
    Click here to see the citation for Marisa's informtion.
  • •due Thur• No new homework.
  • •due Fri• Andrew Jackson Quiz (View). Finish readings, and reading notes (get from instructor).


    • "Chapter 14: Jackson and Democracy " History Alive! The United States. New York: National Curriculum Institute, 2002.


    • Chapter Test, Date to be announced.
    • Creative Project Assessment
    • Other Assessments



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