Quizstar Registration

Follow the instructions below to register yourself on QuizStar, and then take your quiz. Be careful to register correctly, or your instructor will not be able to get your score, and you will not get credit for the quiz!

  1. Click here to open the link to "Student Log In Page" at QuizStar.com

  2. Create your account.
  3. Read the tutorials and directions to register for your World History Class. See the screenshot below.
  4. Now, go to your "Classes" and find your quiz, titled: "December 08 Current Events "

  5. Take your quiz! Don't forget, once you start, you only have 10 minutes, but that should be plenty of time to answer 10 questions. Make sure you have all your materials ready to go. DO NOT EVER USE THE FORWARD OR BACK ARROWS ON YOUR BROWSER. Read all of the directions as you take the quiz.

  6. Submit the test. Review your answers. Get your score.

  7. Logout. Review answers in school with your class and instructor.