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    The National Gallery of Art is located in Washington DC. This Gallery of Art is made to honor the people in the United States and George Washington. In this gallery people from all over the world donate pieces of art to then be shown to the audience in the gallery. This gallery is free and it is meant to attract people from all over the world to experience and appreciate all kinds of art from ancient to modern, it is made for every kind of person no matter their art likings in this gallery they have it all. The Gallery of Art was made in Washington DC. because of its honoring of the first president George Washington and also because of its mutual partnership with Congress. It honors Americans for supporting the country and honors Washington as their first president and his perfect leadership as well as maintaining the country and helping it to rise. The National Gallery of art took some kind of a time.

    This gallery was started in the year of 1927 with the main building called the West Building. This building was the largest building made out of marble in that time. The West Building was created by one of the most famous architects who designed a ton of things for the government; his name was John Russel Pope. Then after a few years a section was added called East Building, which was made by the architect I.M.Per. Meanwhile the funds for the East Building came from Paul Mellon and Ailsa Mellon Bruce. Then the last building was the Sculpture Garden, which was, subsidize by the Gwendolyn Cafritz foundation.


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