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The Vietnam War Memorial is located near the national park in Washington D.C.  The reason James Scrubs decided to found this memorial was because he wanted to acknowledge and recognize the sacrifice and service of the United States soldiers in Vietnam. Senator Mathias authorized the construction in the National Parkland. Senator Warner made a fund rising to build the monument.  The construction of this beautiful monument started on March 11, 1982 and it was completed in March of 1985.  The official name of the Vietnam War memorial is Vietnam Veterans Memorial, since it is honoring the soldiers who went to war.

The wall located in the Vietnam War memorial is one of the most impacting monuments in Washington. In that large black Bangalore marvel, you can see many names in white. There are approximately 58,260 names in the wall and all from Vietnam. Of all those 1200 are listed as missing. In the memorial, you can also appreciate a beautiful statue named “The Three Soldiers”. It is a statue that has 3 men ready for war. Each man is dressed differently one is Caucasian, another is African, and another is American. The statue was designed by Frederic Hart. In the memorial, there’s also a statue of woman taking care of soldiers. During the Vietnam War, 8 women died and that’s why they made a statue in their honor. All of these statues are made of bronze.

The Vietnam War occurred in Vietnam from 1959 to April 30, 1975. The war was between the communist North Vietnam that was supported by communist allies, and the government of South Vietnam who were supported by the United States. On this war, unfortunately 58,159 us states soldiers died in vane, since they lost the war against the communist. 

The Vietnam War memorial is a beautiful memorial. The memorial is in a park and in one part of the park there’s a huge black marvel wall. The wall contains many names and that really amazed me since all the names were perfectly carved, it also amazed me the amount of people who were honored in the wall. There were many who died in that war and I find it very sad.  I liked very much that there was a statue in honor of the women who died in the Vietnam War memorial. The women who were sculptured were sculptured as nice nurses helping the soldiers. It was one of my favorite memorials and I will never forget that huge wall and those sculptures.


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