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The Capitol building is recognized as Washington D.C.ís symbol.  The capitol building is the house of the legislative branch.  Many important events are often celebrated in this historical building such as the Presidential inauguration every four years. The last inauguration that took place here was in January 20 for Barack Obama, the first African American president.  The capitol building also serves as a ceremonial center for state funerals of presidents or important people of the nation.  In here, many important decisions are taken for example the members introduce legislation, speak out issues and cast votes.

The Capitol Building is made of iron and it was designed by Dr. William Thornton. For the construction of the capitol, it took 34 years. Before it was made of iron, the dome was made of wood but they changed it to iron because wood was harmed very easily. The dome is 180 feet above the floor.  In the top part of the dome thereís a huge iron statue that symbolizes liberty which measures 19 Ĺ feet. The Dome is over 9 million pounds and it has really no legislative purpose, itís just decoration. The architectural style of the Capitol Building is neoclassical and in the inside there are over 1,015 pieces of American art. Most of the paintings in the inside of the building are colonization frescos painted by three different artists. The artist of the senate part paintings was Constatino Bruinti, a very famous painter in the time. 

Before, the Capitol Building was not so big. It just had the middle part and in times of the civil war in 1865, it became larger. The capitol building extended 751 feet across Capitol Hill. The new rectangular Chambers that were built were placed in the middle of the wings.

The capitol building was one of the places with more history. The guide of the Capitol gave us tons of important facts about it which I found very interesting. I learned that the legislative branch is the branch that goes in the Capitol. I loved the frescoes that were inside the building. When I saw them I was just speechless and breathless. The art was very colorful and it seemed the artists took a very long time making those artworks. When the guide told us that the dome was 9 million tons, I couldnít believe it. I was very concerned that technology in U.S is very well advanced, but it needs to have a very strong base to support that huge amount of tons. Every time I thought of Washington, I imagined the Capitol building and my brain was correct. The capitol Building represents Washington D.C. I feel much honored that I visited this elaborate building that is admired and respected by American Citizens.




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