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The Arlington National Cemetery is located in Washington where important people in the United States people who have died are buried. Any active-duty member of the U.S. armed forces or American veteran retired from active service is eligible for burial there. Also any member of the armed forces who received one either of these recognitions can be also buried:  Distinguished Service Cross, Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Medal, Purple Heart, or  Silver Star the Arlington national cemetery honors all the people who had done something in favor of the United States. During war in 1861 and 1865 there were too many deaths and people didnít have a special place to bury the soldiers who died in war, so totally against Robert E. Lee, they used his house to bury them, and now we call it Arlington National Cemetery. Arlington National Cemetery is located in the capitol because it is a very honorable place because here you can see the graves of the people who died for the country.

Arlington National Cemetery is located in Arlington, Virginia. It was built during the Civil War around the Arlington House. Arlington Cemetery has 545 hectares. Before it was a cemetery, it used to be an enormous tobacco plantation owned by the Lee family. The over 310, 000 graves that are located here are made of white small marvel. The people who are buried here do not need to pay absolutely anything; the government pays for them except if you want the grave of any other type of material you need to pay it yourself. In the cemetery, most of the graves are made of white marvel or few of them of rock. The only Grave is not made of marvel is the one of Bobby Kennedy, who wanted a small wooden cross. Besides him, no grave can be made of wood because it gets damaged very easily. 

Before the Civil War, Robert E Lee had been a United States Army officer. When the war started, Abraham Lincoln offered Robert E Lee the command of the Army of the Potomac. Robert E Lee doubted it because he wanted to see how Virginia would decide. Lee was also offered command of the Army of Northern Virginia and instead he took this offer because he couldn't tolerate to be against his native state. Because of this decision, Robert E Lee was considered to be a traitor by most Union, so for punishment the government decided to turn his property into a cemetery.

When the Civil War filled hospitals and burial grounds near Washington, D.C., a Quartermaster named General Montgomery proposed in 1864 that the 545 hectares of the Robert E. Lee family property in Arlington be taken for a cemetery. When the war ended, 16,000 graves were already built close to the house. Since the family couldnít tolerate to have buried people around their house, the family abandoned the house and Custis Lee went to court and claimed that the family owned that land. The Supreme Court was in his favor so congress paid him $150,000 for the land.

I found Arlington cemetery a very beautiful place. Every time I think about it the beautifully arranged white graves. I found very interesting many things and I learned a lot. At first, I wondered why there was a beautiful house in the middle of the graveyard. Then after the explanation, I knew the reason for it.  I think People who are buried here are very well honored since itís a beautiful place and their name is very well marked in their graves. Arlington Cemetery was one of my favorite places I visited. At the beginning I wondered why we were going to a cemetery, since at home there are many nearby. But it is a totally different concept and its history is really interesting.


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