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The supreme court of justice is the building where very important decisions are taken by the nine senators who make part of it. The senators who work here are chosen by the president and need to be approved by the advice and consent, but the senators can be until death or if they are impeached or they retire. The Court meets in Washington in the Supreme Court building. The Supreme Court is mainly an appellate court, but it has original power over a small amount of cases. The chief who works in the supreme court of justice earns approximately 217,000 per year and the justices earn 208,000 per year.

The construction of the supreme court of justice started in 1932 and ended in 1935. It was designed by an architect named Cass Gilbert, who died before the Supreme Court was finished. After Cass died, the construction proceeded under the direction of chief Hugnes and Cass Gilbert Jr. The architectural Style of the supreme court of justice is classical Corinthian. The supreme court of justice is four stories tall and the outside is made of white Vermont marvel. The inside of the Building is made of Georgia marvel. In the outside of the building you can appreciate beautiful marvel sculptures made by James Earle Eraser. The supreme court of justice is 385 feet from east to west and 304 feet from north to south. The doors of the building are made of bronze and the main corridor inside is named “Great Hall”.

The Supreme Court of justice was designed to keep dignity of court in a judiciary as a coequal symbol on “The national Ideas of justice in the highest sphere activity”. Initially the Supreme Court of Justice was not located in Washington D. C. it was located in New York and the court met in the Merchants Exchange Building. In the year of 1800 they moved to the country’s capitol.  After the federal government was settled in Washington, the court was in a small basement room in the United States Capitol United States Capitol. It stayed there in the Capitol until the year of 1935 except from the period of 1812 and 1817 because it was burned in the war of 1812 within all the terrorist attacks.  In the years between 1860 and 1935 the Supreme Court of Justice was very well known as “The Old Senate Chamber”.

The supreme court of justice is a beautiful big building. The style of this building is Classical Corinthian. In the Supreme Court many important decisions are made, so that’s why this building is so important for American citizens. I found very interesting the information that the guide gave us, since most of the information she gave was new to me.  I liked very much the style that was used inside and out the building because it looked very elegant.  All those stairs to reach the Supreme Court of Justice made the building look important and interesting. I’m very glad we could visit one of America’s favorite places.


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