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    Abraham Lincoln was a really important president of the United States. People remember him as one of the best presidents in the United States because he brought a lot of positive changes to the country. For example, he ended slavery and helped the country to keep on with faith in the civil war. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States and the first president to die by assassination. In April 15, 1865 he was in the Fordís Teathre when John Wilkes Booth, a stage actor shot him. There was nothing to do so he can survive so they translate him to a little house across the street and there in April 16 at early morning he passed away. The Fordís teathre is used for special performances like Christmas Carols, there are also a lot of performances about Abraham Lincoln where people go and remember him. Visitors often go just to see the presidential box where Abraham was shot. In the teathres basement there are artifacts related to Abrahamís assassination on display. The stages in the teathre are built by The Home Depot chevron. The construction from the outside is made out of bricks. It is a classic architecture; a lot of teathres in the United States are in this classic type. Inside, the teathre is not really big, the seats are red and the stage is in a circle shape that rotates when it is in use. Being here and in the house where Abraham Lincoln died was really interesting, we could imagine how all the things in that night happened.


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