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“Holocaust” is a Greek word that comes from “Sacrifice by fire”. The holocaust time was when millions and millions of Jews where persecuted from the Nazis during the World War II. In that time the Nazis where controlled by Adolf Hitler and other collaborators. Nazis felt superior from the Jews so they decided to make them suffer and others were killed. Children’s where separated from their families and where killed, also old aged people were killed. Jews where send to concentration camps where they received bad treatments, suffered and some died. Some of the bad treatments where experimenting with them like air pressure, to small kids they wanted to see if they could get a formula for women to have pretty blond and blue eyes babies. The holocaust museum in Washington D.C. was built in memorial of all those Jews who suffered and died during this time. The museum includes videos, images, information and a lot of things from this time. This gives visitors a good idea of how the holocaust time was and how people suffered. The information and videos are arranged in chronological order of how the holocaust started and how it ended. The museum was designed from the architect James Ingo Freed. He visited lots of the holocaust sites like concentration camps. The type of architecture of this museum is not specific, each person have its idea. . The museum was build in July 1989 until April 1993 the museum was opened to public. The cost of the construction of the museum was approximately of 168,000,000 U.S dollars. Federal government and a lot of donations paid for this construction. Architect James built the museum this way so that visitors feel that they are living in that time, visitors before entering the museum receive an ID of a real person that lived in that time. It is a really good educational museum that gives people a very good idea of how Jews suffered. This museum also helps you to be thankful to our freedom that we have now. Visiting this place was sad, you could see all details in how they suffered but we learned a lot.      


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