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Mount Vernon was George Washington’s home. Mount Vernon was a creek plantation from his father named Josh Washington. When his father died, the plantation was passed to his brother Lawrence. When Lawrence died George Washington stayed with it. He built the mansion and other little farms for workers. Washington enlarged the house from 2,000 acres to approximately 8,000.The mansion was where he and his family lived and passed most of the time. The larger room in the house was finished until the revolutionary war ended; this room was the dining room. The dining room was used in parties, when Washington planned the strategies of the war or important things with his family. George’s family daily ate in a smaller dining room.  All the constructions where made of wood but he made the wood in a rock style. He used the paint with sand and the wood in a block form. If now a day’s one wood is really old they make a replica and take out the bad one. They keep maintaining it through the years. In one of the small houses there was the kitchen. The kitchen separated helped for the smells don’t go inside the house, the noise and also the space in the house will be larger without the kitchen.  George Washington room was occupied by him and his wife. His wife passed most of the time there, the orders to the workers like what will the food will be that day and her visitors meet her there also. George Washington died in his room from a throat infection called quinsy. In Mount Vernon now a day’s there is also an educational museum where there is a movie of the continental army battles. There is also pictures, statues, and also George Washington’s denture. Visiting these place was very interesting, we saw all the details in how George Washington lived, we also saw the movie, it was very fun because some effects where there like snow coming down from the ceiling. The tour guides explained us really good all the things that we needed to know there. Mount Vernon was a really good experience.


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