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The purpose for the building of the obelisk of the Washington Monument was to honor and commemorate George Washington as a president, for all his achievements and successful things he did during his presidency time, as well during his time in war as a general of the United States of America. He did many things and after he passed away, the people decided to make a memorial for him. So thatís why the obelisk monument was built for.

The design of the Washington Monument was made by a man called Robert Mills. He decided to carve it out of 3 stone materials, which were granite, marble, and sandstone. This monument turned to be the tallest stone obelisk on the whole world.  The obelisk is exactly 555 feet and 5 1/8 inches tall, which is 169.294 meters tall. Unfortunately the designer Robert Mills passed away before the construction had been done. This means that the designer was unable to see the obelisk in his life.

The Washington Monument was built from 1848 until 1885. It expresses the gratitude towards the 1st United States president George Washington. The obelisk building was delayed for 25 years because of the civil war event. The Washington Monument has a way in, in which you can go to the top and see down. This privilege wasnít open to the public until 1888.

In my opinion I think that the Washington Monument is really very tall and that it was good to open the service to the public to go in after a while, because in that way they can check if the elevators work, if there is any danger, all of it. I think is a good memorial to give the nationís first president George Washington.


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