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The Abraham Lincolins Memorial was made for the purpose to honor and show the gratitude  to 25TH United States president for all his achievements especially his victory on the civil war. He defeated  Robert E. Lee. Unfortunately Abraham Lincoln was killed on Fords Theater. He was celebrating his victory in the civil war and he was watching a play on balcony on the theater. A south actor that had performed on that theater entered and shoted Lincoln in the back of the head. He managed to escape, but later caught and killed.

The Lincolns memorial is located on Washington DC. The pilars and memorial are based on a greek temple. The whole monument has 36 doric columns. The Doric coulumns are the simplest columns there can be. There are also the Ionic an Neothical columns, which were more complicated columns sculpture. On each of the columns it represents one for each state at the time of Lincolns death. The memorial is exactly on 23rd street.

The memorial has a brief history. As every one knows, it was made to thank Lincolns for his good actions. Lincoln died 9 hours after on a bed in the house that was in front of the Fords theater. He did a lot of good in the counrty.

In my opinion Abraham Lincoln was one of the best presidents of the United States of america. I think he could have done a lot of better things for the country if he wouldn’t be assasinated. I also read on Mr. Watson’s classroom that he made a lot of succeess but more failures. Even though he failed in more things, that succeed in things, he made history and changed a whole nation. I think his most important achievement was winning the civil  war, and defeating Robert E. Lee.


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