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The Air and Space museum was built and given to the people in Washington mainly to inform and teach the people how are tools and aircrafts managed and all that kind of stuff. Some ways in which the Air and Space Museum show the people about the aircrafts are with videos and simple games. It also has a brief description of all the things shown. For example, one of the most seen objects in the museum is the “Wright 1903 Flyer” and in front of it, it has a description and teaches you the basic things of that airplane.

The Air and Space Museum is located just in front the National Mall, in Washington DC. It is a very huge building which is 200,000 square feet of area, which is 18,500 square meters.  An interesting thing about the Air and Space Museum is that it was designed by two people. This was Hellmuth Obata, and Kassabaum.

The Air and Space Museum have a long history. It was started on 1946. The reason why the museum was built was because it was part of the Smithsonian Institute. The creators of the museum were congress.

In my opinion the Air and Space museum was a very good idea to be created because in these way now many people can be inform about tools and every thing that has to do with airplanes, space etc. I think it is a good idea to put brief descriptions in front of the objects or planes for self guided tour, but I think they would still have more success if they have as well guided tours. I’m not sure if they do have but when I visited this museum I didn’t saw any group following a tour. Finally I think that the museum should have more about space on the entrance because I saw on airplanes mainly even though I could spot space stuff. Other than that I think that the museum is perfect.


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