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 The National Archives is a building used to store all of United States most valuable documents such ass the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights, peace treaties etc. It has been used over several years and is meant for the people to see their most valuable documents. In here they have special people whose job is to restore as much as they can to the documents that are almost disappearing. This building honors the U.S. politics including all three branches of government. It also honors American people who have helped the nation rise. The architect of this building was John Russel Pope who also designed most of U.S. government buildings. This building was started in the year of 1935 and since then has been used. The building was finally successfully finished in the year of 1993. It can hold a large amount of people and is often visited by school groups to see and experience The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights etc.


This building took 58 years for its completion and cost the government thousands of dollars. The national archives are honoring the U.S. political masterminds who had successfully run the country as well since the birth of United Sates of America. Its historical significance is that all the documents that havenít been thrown out and are very important for the country are stored in here.  Since itís creation it started being part of congress because congress was the one who had paid for this expensive building. After a few years they decided to split up and The National Archives and Record Administration was made. Congress respected this decision and since then it has been separate from congress.


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