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    The National Museum of American History is an amazing building with lots of things that have been collected which have taken a role in American History. This museum was built to honor American history. This building is in the capital of the United States because here most part of the United States history has taken place since itís in the capital. This building wasnít just made or premeditated by one architect it was made by three of them, which are Mckim, Mead and White. This construction had three supervisors, which were Mills, Pettincord and Mills. This building was constructed in 1958 after the approval of the president in that time Dwight D. Eisenhower. The president then gave the museum $36 million dollars for its completion. The building was finished in 1961 and that same year opened itís doors to visitors from all over the world.


This museum wasnít called the National Museum of American History at first but in 1980 it changed itís name to the National Museum of American History. Then in the last couple of years they had a renovation of $85 million dollars to make a new construction of the Star-Spangled Banner gallery. The money was also used to compose architectural enhancements like making the walls tougher, rebuilding sections, and making a new section for new articles that have been added to the museum. This museum honors both states and American people who helped raise the nation, people have protected the nation and people who have made it better and stronger over the years. When we visited this museum what caught my attention were two things: The Star-Spangled Banner section and the American wars. The star spangled banner was interesting because I learned things I didnít know about the national anthem and I actually read it all with all itís verses and not the short way. In that section what I found interesting was the Fort McHenry flag that was actually authentically used in the fort can be found in this section. That inspired Francis Scott Key to make a poem of the braveness of Americans which is now used as itís national anthem.


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