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    The National Cathedral is meant to be used by the Protestant religion for mass and prayers but it is also an important site so it is frequently visited by tourists and accepts all kinds of religions. The cathedral was built in the capital because the first president of the United States, George Washington, who wanted a cathedral in the capital of his country. Since Washington’s desire to build a national cathedral, Henry Yates Satterled bishop of Washington secured a piece of land named Mount Saint Albon for the cathedral so when congress accepted the construction of this church they would already have been a step ahead. After this Congress accepted the construction of the church only in Washington. 

    The Cathedral was built in a gothic architecture style. The architect of this church was George Bodley, a British resident, and his assistant Henry Vaughn. The church construction started in 1907 and ended in 1990, it took 83 years for it’s completion but it was used even though it wasn’t finished. This cathedral is made out of Indiana limestone. It is the 6thbiggest cathedral in the whole world. And its official name is Cathedral of San Peter and San Paul. The National Cathedral honors all U.S. states and it’s people. It honors them for the support they have given to the cathedral. This is an important cathedral because president Woodrow Wilson is buried here. It has another historical significance, which was that George W. Bush’s Inaugural Prayer service was held here, and in here presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford had their funeral.



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