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In 1945 lots of United States Marine corps invaded the Iwo-Jima Island in the Pacific ocean in World War II. There they were ready to attack the Japanese. A small United flag was raised there, but later a bigger flag was raised by five marine soldiers and a navy corpse. The raising of this flag motivated all the soldiers in the battle. This battle became one of the more historic battles in World War II. There a news photographer named Joe Rosenthal was so he took just one picture of it and it came out perfect, he won a best picture of the year prize. This picture became a symbol for the United States so this Iwo-Jima memorial was built. The memorial was built in memorial of all Marine Corps soldiers who gave their life in this battle. Iwo-Jima battle also was one of the bloodiest battle in the war, a lot of soldiers from United States and also Japan where killed. Only three of the soldiers who raised the flag survived, they were called Gagnon, Hayes, and Bradley. The artist Felix DeWeldon made this memorial with money from a lot of donations. The sculpture is made of bronze and the soldiers are up to 34 ft tall. The flag is larger it measures 60 ft. tall. There is a base included in the statue, in the base there are all the names of soldiers who died in the battle the base is made of granite. In September 1953 the sculpture was brought to Washington D.C. When you walk or drive around the memorial there is an optical illusion. You can see how each time the flag is razing more and more.


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