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            The fourth and last monument is the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial. It is obviously in honor of the veterans of the Vietnam War, meaning people that died in combat. It is also honoring the soldiers that died but are missing and their bodies didnít go back to their families. There are also two statues: one of three men and another of three women. The purpose of the statue of the men is to represent the different races that made the army. One soldier is American, another Latin American, and the other Afro American. The statue of the women represents the women that were nurses in the war. One of the women is holding a soldier in her lap, the other is looking up into the air in search of a rescue helicopter, and the other is holding the wounded soldierís hat. Around this statue are eight trees that represent the only eight women that died in the Vietnam War.

Text Box: Wall of the Vietnam Memorial starting from 1959
Text Box: Names from soldiers in the Vietnam War
Text Box: Vietnam Memorial with view to the Washington Monument
                The person who designed this memorial was a twenty year old girl who was a Chinese merchant. In the memorial there are two walls made from black granite from India that make a V shape. The memorial is divided into sections where all the names of the soldiers are carved in chronological order. In the center of the memorial the old dead are next to the new dead, from the first to die in 1959 to the last to die in 1975. There is a directory at each end of the memorial in order to find the person you are looking for. The statues of the men and the woman are in bronze.

                This war took place in Vietnam were there was a conflict, a civil war, between the North and the South. The North wanted to make Vietnam communist and the South wanted to make it democratic. In the year of 1965 the US decided to involve by supporting the South with troops, but failed its mission because in 1975 it lost the war due to the territory. The Vietnam territory was mostly tropical rainforest, a biome unknown to the Americans, where tons died because they were not adjusted to this climate and they were killed by unknown diseases such as malaria. In 1976 it officially became the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

                I think that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is one of the best designed and modern memorials I saw in Washington. I think that the black granite was very elegant because it shines so much that you can see your reflection and the reflection of the Washington monument in it. I think that it was interesting that the first and the last to die are together. The thing that surprised me the most was that a twenty year old Chinese girl designed it, and designed it very well. I felt amazed to know that tons of soldiers gave their lives for their country. In my opinion it was a nice thing to dedicate a memorial to the soldiers that may not be remembered but now are, and their families can visit their memorial.


 families can visit their memorial.

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