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Text Box: Jefferson staue made out of bronze


Text Box: Jefferson Memorial in the spring, japanese blossoms
            The Jefferson Memorial is the third place I will talk to you about. The purpose of this monument is to honor the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.  It honors him because he was a great president that contributed to America’s progress and made a stronger nation. This monument has a neoclassical architecture and was modeled after the Pantheon of Rome. Its circular colonnaded structure was introduced to America by Jefferson himself; this is why John Russell Pope, the architect, decided to design it like this. The architect wanted to show Jefferson as a “statesman, architect, President, drafter of the Declaration of Independence, adviser of the Constitution, and founder of the University of Virginia”. Daniel Higgins and Otto Eggers took over the construction after Russell’s death. It is now a days located in the Tidal Basin. The statue of Jefferson at the center of the memorial was sculpted by Rudolph Evans and it was meant to represent the Age of the Enlightenment and Jefferson as a philosopher and states man. It is a statue made out of bronze that weighs five tons and is 19 feet tall. Around the walls of the memorial there are five quotations from Jefferson’s writings which are his principles of life. It was finished in 1943.

Text Box: Outside of St. Jefferson Memorial
                The importance of the memorial is to remember President Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was a very wise man that spoke six different languages, purchased Louisiana, etc. He had a plantation in Virginia called Monticello, and a wife named Martha, and six children. Since 1943, it has not only been a monument to visit, but a place where various ceremonies such as Memorial Exercises, the Cherry Blossom Festival, and Easter Sunrise Services have taken place. I think that this is a very fine monument that deserves being the memorial for so impressive president. I learned that Jefferson didn’t like to speak in public and that he only gave two speeches in his two terms. I knew that he was a very intelligent man that wrote the Declaration of Independence. I also found out that he liked everything Italian, which is why the architect built his memorial like the Roman Pantheon. My personal opinion about the architecture is that it is very beautiful and elegant because I like classical monuments rather than modern ones.

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