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Text Box: View of Wasingtons House from the side

Text Box: Mount Vernon, House of President Washington

The next place I will talk about is Mount Vernon. The importance of Mount Vernon is that it was the home of George Washington. Today, the house is there for the purpose of holding some of Washington’s belongings and other things related to the time during he lived, the seventeen hundredths. The architecture of the house is not precisely remarkable because it was the typical American house. It is made of wood and painted with a mix of white paint and sand, which gives it a strange texture. It has three floors which are decorated with classical artwork, furniture, etc. There are various staircases and windows, and next to the house there are two other little houses matching with the main house. The rooms in Washington’s house are mostly painted blue or green and have details that have the theme of farming, one of Washington’s occupations that he most loved. At the back of the house there is a balcony and a lawn that have a gorgeous view to the river.

Text Box: Back part of Mount Vernon with a view to the river
Some of the historical events that have happened here are the planning of the battle of Yorktown and the place where the news arrived that Washington had been elected president. Washington lived here with his wife and children, that weren’t his. He had a slave name Frank Lee and he was an excellent host. People that needed rest or housing were invited to stay and were given food and a place to sleep. Mount Vernon is also very important because it has the tomb of Washington and it has also a museum that talks about him and his battles. In my opinion, this was a beautiful place to live in because of the territory, the view, and the house was simple, but pretty. What called my attention is that Washington hosted lots of people at the same time. I was surprised to know that anyone who wanted shelter and food could come in. I learned and was also amazed to know that Washington has a slave and that he was a farmer. I was disappointed that we didn’t have a chance to visit his tomb but apart from that, it was a great experience.

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