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    The U.S Air Force Memorial honors to the service and sacrifices of more than 54,000 men that have died while in air combat and other who havenít died but still served the Air Force. The memorial is located on Arlington, Virginia, beside the pentagon. The architect was James Ingo Freed, he did a sort of modern memorial with 3 metal sticks that go in different directions that represent flight and flying spirit that the people that worked and still works in the Air Force have.

The proposal to make this monument was made since January of 1992 but was officially finished in the 2006 and dedicated on October 14, 2006 and it was mostly founded by private contributors that collected more than $30 million. One of the things that most called my attention In this modern memorial was that always they only make memorials of soldiers who fight in ground and of presidents but never of Air Force men, and this really gives me sort of happiness because know the men and women who gave their lives for the United States.

The tall of the building Is 270 feet high and he stainless steel spires represents too the Air Force Thunderbirds.  The U.S Air Force is a really well trained force but anyways people die so I think it was a really good idea to honor people that made their job in a good way for him and for the United States and I think that they should star making more monuments for people who really disserve it like this men that for other people that really didnít make that much for the country as the Air Force. This was one of the best modern monuments I have ever known about.


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