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Text Box: This is the outside of teh Supreme Court.

The supreme court of justice is the highest tribunal in the nation for all the cases and controversies under the constitution. The Supreme Court is where they are the congress that has two houses one of senates and the House of Representatives. The building, a great size and rich in ornamentation it serves important symbols as a coequal and independent branch of government. The architect of the building was Cass Gilbert and he designs it as a classical Corinthial architectural style to create harmony. It´s designs had depict details that were American and legal themes. The statues of the seated figures on the front stairway were created by James Earle Fraser. The sixteen marble columns of the West Portico on which is written the famous phrase “Equal Justice under Law”. The bronze doors at the front of the buildings each of which weighs six and one half tons. The door was sculpted by John Donnelly Jr. The court chamber measures 82 by 91 feet and rising 44 ceiling it is a wing by 24 marble columns. The statue of John Marshall the fourth justice is located at the end of the lower great hall on the ground floor it was sculpted by William Wetmore in 1883. The two marble and bronze spiral staircases each ascends five stories and is supported by only the overlapping steps and their extensions into the wall. In the Supreme Court there is only one woman who is involved she is Antonin Scalia, Roberts is the Chief justices he was chosen in September 28, 2005. The representatives are 436 based on the populations and in Oct. 1 to April they meet an review the cases they had. And the work at the Supreme Court is to protect the constitution and to make sure the laws are being obeyed. The Supreme Court was not provided with their own building until 1935, the 146th year of its existence. The court has had various locations including the U.S Capitol. Finally in 1929 Chief in Justice William Howard Taft who had already been president of the U.S in 1909 to 1913 persuade the congress to authorize the construction of the permanent home from the court. What calls my attention when I first got to the Supreme Court was the structure of how the building was alike the Roman hall of Justice.


Text Box: The inside of the Supreme Court and the students of ATS in their visti to the court.



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