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Smithsonian Museum in the inside there is a big elephant on an African American . The museums holds 125 millions of specimens and some are more than 200 years of ambiguity. The museums has exhibits of animals,plants,fossils and minerals. The exhibits are really interesting to find out new stuff about the minerals or the animals an how they lived and how its their environment like. On the first floor of the museum they have the exhibits like Sea Ocean Floor the discovery room and the hall of the mammals were they project a movie that shows how the animals lived in the era of the dinosaurs and how they lived now. In the second floor of the museum it shows  the Insects and there is also the gift shop of the museum and they have an Imax projection that you can enjoy. The content of the exhibits is really interesting and with a lot of details because you know everything in it. The propose of the museum is to inform the people of the life of the animals and the uses of the all the natural recourses. My personal opinion is that is really interesting to learn more about how creatures live and what you can find information of animals that already have been dead and how productive the earth is and that we need to protect it.

Text Box: Here is the mineral and rocks exhibition (up)an the animals exhibition(side).
Text Box: This is  the entrance of the museum

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