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Text Box: This is the front side of the National Gallery of Art


Text Box: This are pictures in the side of modern art 
Another place we visited was The National Gallery of Art was created for the people in 1937 by Joint Resolution of Congress, because he accepted a gift of a servant called Andrew W. Mellon. His had old sculptures and paintings and a building to house the museum that would be constructed by the first mall. In March.17, 1941 President Roosevelt accepted the complete National Gallery. The design of the building was made by John Russell Pope and now itís called the West Building at that time it was the largest marble structure in the world. Mellonís hoped that the museum attracts gifts of the highest qualities then a major donation of European and American art from private donors. Some benefactors were Samuel Kress, Rush Kress, Joseph Widener, Chester Dale and more. Then later more artists started donating more paints. The National Gallery of art has two buildings in one of the buildings they show the the paintings from the 13 th through the 18th centuries and on the other building there you can see all the modern art. The purpose of the National Gallery of Art is to show how people express themselves and that a way people could get interest in it.  In this gallery they have painting from famous Spanish, Dutch, French, and Italian painters. In my opinion I like some of the modern art pictures and the classical were really detail and to people the paints can express things  that the only way of getting them out is by drawing  that could be a way were they could leave it all out and be happy. In the painting you express how are you feeling and what you want people to see.





Text Box: This is a painting of the classical side.




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