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Text Box: Front View of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing


    The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) produces most of the security documents in the United States. BEP is responsible for the designing, engraving and printing of all the U.S. Currency that is used by the people. The bureau also produces White House invitations, Treasury obligations, and other U.S. securities. The BEP is in charge of printing thousands of Federal Reserve Notes that are delivered to the Federal Reserve System each year. Rather than just printing paper currency, the BEP produces several other security documents such as passports, materials for Homeland Security, military identification cards, and Immigration and Naturalization Certificates. All the BEP products are designed and handled with advanced counterfeiting detecting features to provide the protection of every item.

Text Box: Money just made


         The Bureau moved to its present location in 1914 and in 1991 a second currency production factory was inaugurated in Forth Worth, Texas. Although new printing, production and examining technologies are coming out and have brought the BEP to the 21st century, the bureau still uses the same traditional tools that have been used for hundreds of years.

         What calls my attention to this building was that it was so big that it was almost half a block in length. It was interesting to know that all of the money that wears out has to be destroyed by Federal Reserve Banks. This money might be found on the gift shop store as a souvenir for the visitors. I learned that the bureau is making money safer and more secure for the people, with a security thread, colored shifting-ink, and a water mark which will make it easier to avoid counterfeiting with dollars. Before I knew that there was a place that did all the currency dollars, but I didnít knew were it was located.


         I was surprised to find out that they had really old dollar and certificates, some which Iíve never seen, like the All-Star Note. In this building I learned how money was made and the currency over time.



Text Box: Back View of the Bureau of Engraving

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