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The White House is one of the most modern construction in Washington D.C, with beautiful gardens and a fabulous white color thatís gives it a sense of elegance. The White House is not an office building, the most important person, the presidents, lives and works in that House. The construction began on October of 1792  and got completed until 1800, and although President Washington was the president in that time, he didnít have the opportunity to live there.

The white house consists on the main building of the center, the west wing were is the office of the President and were they have their meetings and the east wing that is security, were people enter. It has on it 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 6 levels, 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fire places, 8 stair cases, and 3 elevators. While the time of the presidency of Harry Truman he renovated all of the inside floors except the 3rd one.

Text Box: Front Part of the White House

Text Box: Back Side of the White House
Text Box: The home of the president
The White House have been called many names like Presidents Palace, Executive Mansion, and Presidents House, but the official name is White House that was given by the President Theodore Roosevelt in 1901. The White House itself has many history but the most memorable is when it survived the fire that the British caused in the war of 1814, and survived another fire in the west wing in 1929. The purpose of this building is mostly for the president to live and work so he can be in a secure place and not in his normal house.

When I visit this structure I felt really impressed because you can see one of the most beautiful building that brings happiness to you because of al its gardens and its color. What most called out my attention was that most of the pictures I have seen were on the back of the White House and not the main entrance and I think that it is because you have more garden on the back and it seems to be more nice. I think that the White House is a really nice place to visit.

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