Dilemma 4: What Should President Monroe do to Support the New Latin American Nations?

(as per directed in class)

Read sections 12.9-12.10 in your U.S. History Alive Textbook, and complete the "Dilemma Page" in your notebooks. Use the following information if necessary.

Sketch: The map from your book (as seen below...click on image to enlarge)


Words to Use in Caption : Latin American revolutions, President Monroe, European leaders

Possible Positions to Choose from (Write out into notes)

      1. Join an alliance with Great Britain to support Latin American independence.
      2. Do not join an alliance with Great Britain, and warn Europe to stay out of Latin America.
      3. Allow the Latin American countries to defend themselves.
      4. Work to create an alliance with all of the Latin American countries to defend their independence against European interference.