Dilemma 3: What Should President Madison Do to Protect Sailors and Settlers?

(as per directed in class)

Read sections 12.7-12.8 in your U.S. History Alive Textbook, and complete the "Dilemma Page" in your notebooks. Use the following information if necessary.

Sketch: The image below (click on image to enlarge)


Words to Use in Caption : Britain, impressing (impress/impressed/etc...), Napoleon

Possible Positions to Choose from (Write out into notes)

      1. Declare war on Great Britain and attack the British on land and sea.
      2. Declare war on Great Britain, but only wage war at sea.
      3. Delay declaring war on Great Britain until the country is prepared to win.
      4. Do not declare war on Great Britain. The risks are not worth it.