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- Ch. 10 Study Guide: The Bill of Rights-

Date Assigned


Monday, February 16


    Students will
    • identify the rights provided in the first ten amendments to the Constitution, and match examples to each right
    • explain the due process of the accused
    • analyze a photo showing students using their rights


Section 1: Multiple Choice (20 Questions)

  • Creation of the Bill of Rights: why, how, and it's overall purpose
  • The 10 amendments, the rights they contain, and the limits of those rights
  • legal rights and protections in the case of a crime

Section 2: Complete Answer (4 questions)

  • Examine an photo of students exercising their rights, answer seveal questions about that image.

Section 3: Terms/ Short Story

  • The teacher will give you a list of 7 terms from the chapter, you will have to use them to write a short story invented by you!!!


Friday, February 20

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