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- Ch. 9 & Bimestral Test: The U.S. Constitution-

Date Assigned


Wednesday, February 4


    Students will
    • identify the members, terms of office, and powers of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.
    • describe the system of checks and balances.
    • explain the system of shared powers between the states and the federal government.


Section 1: Multiple Choice (20 Questions)

  • amendment process
  • checks and balances - examples, meaning, purpose
  • preamble - contents and language
  • jobs and powers of the 3 branches
  • elastic clause
  • judicial review
  • bill to law
  • federalism - separate versus shared powers

Section 2: Acrostic (10 sentences)

  • Create true, significant, accurate, correct ideas from the Constitution in complete sentences
    (EXAMPLE: J - U - D - I - C - I - A - L)

Section 3: Constitutianal Checks (4 Questions - Open Book)

  • When given scenarios or possible government actions, students must identify
    a.) which branch of government can CHECK that action
    b.) the article and section from the Constitution where that CHECK that action
    "The president orders military forces to invade a foreign country that has done nothing against the United States."


Friday, February 6


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