Chapter 8 Reading Outlines

First two were given to you in class. Complete roman numerals III, IV, and V on your own by pulling out and organizing the main ideas of the reading.

I. Introduction and background (8.1 - 8.4)

    A.1783 Treaty of Paris
    B. Nation must plan to settle and govern to Mississippi River

    1. Land Ordinance of 1785 divides new lands into square grids and townships
    2. Northwest Ordinance of 1787 sets rules for statehood

    C. First attempt at government was the Articles of Confederation

    1. Major problem was that they were too weak
    2. The final straw was Shay's Rebellion in 1787

    D. Summer of 1787 nation resolves to a national constitutional convention

    1. Why? Originally to revise the Articles of Confederation
    2. Where? Independence Hall in the capital of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    3. Who? Delegates were "well fed, well bred, well wed, and well read".

    a. "Father" of the Constitution was James Madison
    b. President of the convention was George Washington

    4. First rule was complete secrecy among the delegates.

II. Issue #1: Creating the national legislature (8.5 - 8.6)

A. The Problem = how to represent the different interests of states in the legislature

1. Virginia Plan

a. representation based on state population
b. obviously favored by larger states

2. New Jersey Plan

a. equal represenation in congress for each state
b. favored by medium and small staes

B. The Solution = The Great Compromise

1. Bicameral legislature
2. House of Representatives would have representation based on population
3. Senate would have equal representation

III. Issue #2: Counting slaves for representatin (8.7 - 8.8)

A. The problem = ___________________

1. _____________________
2. _____________________

B. The solution = ___________________

1. _____________________
2. _____________________

IV. Issue #3: Choosing the nation's executive (8.9 - 8.10)

V: Conclusion: Ratifying the constitution (8.11 - 8.12)