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- "The Patriot" School Board Letter -

Date Assigned


Tuesday, December 9


    Students will
    • watch a hollywood movie on a historical theme and analyze its value as a source
    • use outsied research to evaluate historical accuracy
    • write a formal, persuasive letter


The Problem

    The ATS School Board has received complaints from parents and community members, and is considering the banning of the controversial Mel Gibson film The Patriot from use in further classes.

Your Job

You must write a professional letter to the ATS School Board arguing either FOR or AGAINST the showing of The Patriot to students.


Your letter must...

  • be professional, using perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • include 3-5 arguments, which are supported by outside research or sources
  • be submitted in MLA format to by Monday, December 15th at 10pm.


Monday, December 15th at 10pm


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