Ch. 7 Processing: Fourth of July Banner Assignment

Create a fourth of July parade banner that commemorates the reasons the Continental Army was able to defeat the British in the Revolutionary War.  Complete the following steps:

  1. Create a slogan for your banner in large letters.  For example, your slogan might say: “David Defeats Goliath: How We Won Our Independence.”

  2. Decorate the banner with at least five simple visual symbols that represent different reasons the Americans won the Revolutionary War. For example, you might draw the French flag to represent the French assistance that helped the Americans win.
  3. Beneath the banner, write a three or four word caption that explains what each symbol represents. For example, as a caption for the French flag, you might write, “Help from French Allies”

Show the Rough Draft of your banner to your instructor on the day of your dest. Final Drafts should be:

  • presentation quality (neat, organized, colored, no pencil).
  • handed in on Friday, December 5th.
  • free of grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • completely original.