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- Ch. 3 Study Guide: The English Colonies-

Date Assigned


Wednesday, October 15


    Students will
    • distinguish between New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies
    • list key conditions in Massachussetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennslylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia
    • Put into practice sales skills and knowledge gained during the Colony Fair presentations


Section 1: Multiple Choice

  • Key features of each colony mentioned above, including climate, economy, geography, economy, founders, settlers, and government
  • Make connections-generalizations about all colonies
  • When given features, identify the colony, and provide more information about each

Section 2: Billboard

  • Create a billboard encouraging people to settle in one of the colonies that you studied, EXCEPT the one for which you created the booth.

Section 3: Essay/Writing

  • Write a postcard from one of the colonies (again, not the one for which you created a booth) explaining why you settled there and not in other colonies.


Monday, October 20


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