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- Processing Assignment: Historical Marker-

Date Assigned


Tuesday, Sep 30


    Students will
    • create a historical marker summarizing and displaying through images the key aspects of one of the settlements they learned about in the chapter.



Create a historical marker that commemorates a settlement established by the English, Dutch, French, or Spanish in the Americas. Your marker should include:
  • an appropriate title.
  • a brief summary that clearly explains 1) how the settlement was established, 2) how Native Americans living near the settlement were treated, 3) how the settlement flourished or failed.
  • visuals that illustrate the 3 main ideas of the summary.
  • writing that is free from spelling and grammatical errors.

Your historical marker must be

  • for 1 specific settlement, either real or fictitious.
  • presentation quality.
  • completed and handed in to your instructor at the beginning of the class hour on Oct. 1.


Wednesday, Oct 1

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