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- Annotated Diagram-

Date Assigned


Monday, September 8


    Students will
    • design a diagram, including pictorial and textual information, to explain one of the Native American cultural region they learned about in the reading



  1. Read sections 1.5 - 1.12 about the 8 different cultural regions in the contiguous United States, and compelte the Reading Notes.
  2. Choose one of the regions other than the Northwest Coast for which to do your diagram
  3. Create a rough draft of an annotated diagram showing the land, climate, and adaptations made by the Native Americans in that cultural region.
  4. Use a combination of words and pictures, get an example from your teacher.
  5. Once your draft has been okayed by your instructor, on a separate sheet of paper, make a final, presentation-quality copy of your diagram. "Presentation Quality" means that your diagram must be:
    • colored
    • clear
    • neat
    • organized
    • complete
    • void of pencil or mistakes


Rough Draft = Tuesday, Sep 9

Final Draft = Wednesday, Sep10


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