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- Native American Reading Notes-

Date Assigned


Thursday, September 4


    Students will
    • identify environmental factors that promoted cultural diversity among Native Americans in the 8 cultural regions of the contiguous United States
    • describe cultural adaptations made by Native Americans living in each cultural region


Use the Native American Artifact placards, Readings and maps 1.5-1.12 from your text, and your Chapter 1 Note packet to complete the activity.

1. Analyze one of the artifact placards, use the maps from your text to try to guess from which cultural region the artifacts came from. Fill in 3 features of the environment into your notes, using only the artifacts as clues.

Click to view Placards: 1A - 1B - 1C - 1D - 1E - 1F - 1G - 1H

2. Find the appropriate section of your text that matches to the placard, and read the entire passage. Make any corrections or additions needed to the environmental features part of your notes.

3. Finally, write a short journal entry that mentions the three artifacts from the placard AND three features of the environment. See the sample in italics below.

When I woke up, I heard my mother pounding the seeds that we collected from the forest yesterday. It was cold in our birch bark wigwam. I was glad to have my fur cape, made from the skins of beavers that my father had trapped. Today, he is going to take me fishing on Lake Huron in our birch bark canoe.

4. Repeat for all regions and placards.



Monday, September 8


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