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- ISN 00 02: Current Event Article Review-

Date Assigned


Wed, August 27


    Students will
    • begin to become familiar with available current news resources on the web
    • summarize an article from an online news source


  • Step 1: Use your internet browser to find and read one current news article from the past week that is of particular interest to you, or that you feel may be interesting for the class. Feel free to use newspaper links provided on your History Class Website, or your own preferred news source.
  • Step 2: Use your OWN WORDS to write a detailed 1-2 paragraph summary of the content of the article in order to share with your classmates. Make sure to include:
    • Who?
    • What?
    • Where?
    • Why?
    • Your opinion on the content of the article.
    • The source of your article in correct MLA format. Use the sidebar link to Easybib.com to help you.
  • Feel free to type out your review if you prefer, but then paste it into your notebook as ISN 00 02.


Monday, Sep 1


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