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- ISN 00 01: List of Historical Events-

Date Assigned


Monday, August 25


    Students will
    • begin the process of recalling things they know of the past
    • discern between the units we use to study history: events, movements, eras, people, etc...
    • use online resources to locate dates of events


  • List/Describe 5 events in U.S. History
  • Include the exact date (or dates) of the event, check your answers by using online or print resources
  • Qualifications:
    • Events can be ancient to modern, but there should be a balance throughout history, not all from one time period.
    • Events should be balanced from these areas (no more than 2 from any one area): sports, entertainment, politics, disasters, foreign relations, just to name some....
    • Feel free to list more, 5 is only a minimum!


Tuesday, August 26


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