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- Preparing Your Notebook-

Date Assigned


Monday, August 18


A major portion of your work in History Class this year will be done in your Interactive Student Notebook, or your ISN. You should keep the information and assignments organized for both yourself (who will be using it), and for your instructor (who will be reading and grading it).


  • In the inside of the back cover, cut out the edges and paste in the copy of your U.S. History Syllabus (Download in MS Word).
  • On the back side of the last page of your notebook, cut out the edges and paste in the copy of the 2008/2009 Discipline Plan (Download in MS Word). Make sure it has been signed by you and a parent.
  • On the front side of the last page of your ISN cut out the edges and paste in your copy of Mr. Watson's Conduct Grade Rubric (Download in MS Word).
  • Bring your ISN to class and show your instructor.
  • Future assignments and information should be written into your ISNs from the front towards the back, using Mr. Watson's innovative, patented ISN numbering system. Please take care to keep your notebook organized according to his system, so he can decrease the amount of time it takes him to grade hundreds of student assignments.




Friday, August 22


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