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- Personal Email to Your Instructor-



Wednesday, August 20 in class


A large part of your work and assignments in your History class this year will be either web-based, or will be supported by information available online. For this reason, it is important that students become familiar with resources available to them via the ATS website, and other specific classroom websites.

Additionally, at times throughout the year, ATS History students will need to communicate with their instructor and classmates via email. It is important to establish a working email connection with those involved in your educational community...specifically, your teacher!


  • You've already done the first step, you found this page!
  • Now, find Mr. Watson's email address somewhere in this or the ATS website, and send him an email in the following format:
    • Subject Line: "Personal Email Assignment - Name - Class"
    • Message Body: Include a greeting, a farewell (includuing your name again), and your answer in complete sentences to these 2 questions-
      1. What grade do you hope to get in your History class this year, and why?
      2. What is something true and unique about yourself that other people may find it interesting to know?
  • Send your email to Mr. Watson, and await a response within the next few days with your grade on the assignment.


Wednesday, August 20th by 11:59pm


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